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Recording solutions for modern musicians.

OPEN•GLOBE•SOUND  ☆ A collaborative recording & production studio. Creating and connecting  musicians globally.

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Custom Video for your song

Open Globe Sound

Open Globe Sound

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Custom Music for your Productions

We can help create your ideal music or atmosphere for your next film, YouTube  or  podcast production

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You have worked hard writing your music. Now let us help take your well produced tracks to the next level.

Working for you, we can do as little or as much as you want. A conversation of your expectations is a must.

With fresh ears we can clean up your tracks, edit vocals, drums, etc.  We can work with the original and simply enhance the over all dynamics

with appropriate equalization and reverberation. 

Have any question?  

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  Adding  Instruments

 As an independent artist you find yourself wearing many hats on your musical journey. Production doesn't need to be one of them .

We can help collaborate and build the perfect backing band or add just the right accompaniment to your vision. Our musicians work in the comforts of their own studios  without the costly

studio rental .  Allowing our session players to work creatively and efficiently on your recording

in a timely manner .

Open Globe Sound is here to assist with your audio production. 
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Music Equipment
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